Fat Paczki Tuesday!

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It’s Fat Paczki Tuesday!

If your business, club or family is looking to build team morale, Fat Paczki Tuesday is probably the best day to start. Some say that in order to create cohesion amongst your co-workers, you must have “Employee Of The Month” or “Bring-Your-Kitty-To-Work-Day”. At AAA DoorTeks, all we need are two boxes full of Paczkis from Orginal Country Donuts in Elgin. Oh, and the employee that brought in those delicious Polish puffs-of-happiness? He’s automatically Employee of the Year.

If you’ve been living a Paczki-less-existence, and unsure what Paczski can do for you, we’re here to enlighten.



Historically, Fat Tuesday, or as French call it, “Mardi Gras”, was a chance for Catholics to eat all the sugar & fat in their house before  Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Religious or not, we know a good holiday when we taste one! Today, we indulge, eating all the bacon in sight, maybe even a KFC Double Down (do they still make those?) and then use Lent to practice self control & detox!

…But first, you just HAVE to grab a box of Paczkis!



AAA DoorTeks Give-Away!

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AAA DoorTeks Give-Away!




When we’re not researching the newest models of garage doors to offer our customers, we’re evaluating how we can offer exceptional service paired with exceptional value. Besides our AAA DoorTeks technicians offering polite, punctual and honest service and installation, we strive to participate in the community and reach out to local vendors and entrepreneurs to build relationships. This Spring, we will be installing 10 garage doors for Fox Valley Habitat For Humanity, and we hope that this giveaway to promote The Herrington Inn & Spa will be one of many!

Now, for the winner of our gift basket, including a gift certificate to the Herrington Inn & Spa:

























Congrats Geneva Smiles! Please contact ellen@aaadoorteks.com within 48 hours to claim your prize! 🙂 We’re excited to meet you!



Stay tuned for our next contest. Rumor has it that we’ll be offering an even bigger gift certificate next week to a restaurant not too far from the Herrington.

AAA DoorTeks Now Offering Silvelox

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Trento Series by Silvelox

Like an Italian exchange student that commands attention every time she walks into a High School cafeteria, our new Italian-designed-and-crafted Trento series by Silvelox is promised to turn heads. Presented by Amarr, these are not your typical garage doors, we refer to them as “la porta del garage”, because of their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in making the most of the space you have. Andddd, they look super fancy, they must be European.

SMI Design in RAL 9016 Traffic White

In the USA, our garages don’t just house our automobiles, they harbor our sports equipment, our fishing-poles, and our endless boxes of Christmas decorations. Our European counter parts don’t share the same affinity for “stuff”  like we do, and in the small one-car garage that most EU families have, they strive for organization and compartmentalizing. This is where the Silvelox’s ingenuity comes alive.

AAA DoorTeks' Silvelox Mid Design in Oak Satin Stain

No springs, no tracks and no rails.

This low-maintenance option also is also ideal for those with limitations when it comes to space. Those in the historic neighborhoods of Geneva, Batavia and Saint Charles will agree that they are cramped, especially when their vehicle is inside. With the Trento series, there is no opener affixed to the ceiling, and no track for the garage to roll on to. Take a look and see how easily this model folds up.


Want to see if the Trento is right for you? Check out our other lines of garage doors here or contact us and one of our installation experts will reach out to you within 24 hours.

The Oscars 2014

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The Oscars 2014

On February 19th, we had a taste of Spring with temperatures reaching 45 degrees in Geneva. People were out jogging, birds were chirping, and I’m pretty sure that I saw someone sun tanning in the snow. Today, the thermometer’s mercury reads “C-O-L-D” and as Chicagoans, what do we have left? Oh yeah, we can watch bronzed-Californians walk the red carpet in 80-degree weather while the losers of the Academy Awards receive $80,000 goody-bags. I repeat, THE LOSERS RECEIVE $80,000 GOODY-BAGS.

The Real Oscar The Grouch

The Real Oscar The Grouch

Now that my jealousy has been established, I have to admit that movies didn’t always make me crabby. When it was November and December, and I was all “ISN’T THE SNOW BEAUTIFUL?” and “I FEEL SO FESTIVE, LET’S GO SEE AMERICAN HUSTLE!” but now, I’m just bitter and it if it wasn’t for my new yoga mat, I’d probably try to induce hibernation.

So, winter-depression aside, I asked around the office if anyone had favorites they were hoping to win and these are some of the answers I received:

Best Picture: “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Certainly not a movie to take the kids to see, WOW is exactly that. “It’s like a rap music video before being edited to be shown on MTV.” Leonardo’s character is crazy and addicting, like a train-wreck you’re excited to see de-rail.

Best Actor:  Christian Bale in “American Hustle”

“Since when did Batman’s super powers involve the ability to gain 40 lbs? Or grow a creepy comb-over?” He excels at both, apparently, and with the best 70s hits playing in the background, is it even worth mentioning how awesome he is at portraying a slightly pathetic, slightly sweet con-artist?

Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Julia Roberts in “Osage County”

No one in the office saw this, but my Nana saw it with her lady friends and she said, “Julia was just perfect.”

Best Animated Feature Film

I don’t care if you’re name is Mr. Pixar, we all agree that anything by Hayao Miyazaki should trump all animations. “Spirited Away? My Neighbor Totoro? This is the type of animation that children should grow up with.”


If you do watch the Academy Awards, I hope it is from under your snuggie. Stay warm & always remember, at least we don’t have earthquakes.



Help Us Celebrate 25!

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AAA DoorTeks Garage Door Contest

Remember on Sesame Street, when they would highlight a number accompanied by personified & animated number? Well today we’re a little bit obsessed with the number 25.

What is so good about the number 25?

1. Manganese!

maganese from www.chemistry-reference.com

This isn’t just any pile of dirt

Manganese is one of our favorite elements, with an atomic number of 25.  Manganese is essential to iron and steel production by virtue of its sulfur-fixing, deoxidizing, and alloying properties. This is extremely important to us at AAA DoorTeks because of our steel “Carriage House” garage door. On the surface, it looks like a traditional Carriage-style, but mechanically, is a sturdy and reliable work-horse that will provide reliability.

2. Super Smash Brothers Melee!

Team Super Metroid!

Super Metroid FTW

If you know anything about fun, you know about what is simply referred to as “Melee” on GameCube. With 25 characters to choose from, it makes any snow storm worth enduring. If you (or your teen) are still into gaming once it’s Spring, convert your garage into the ultimate personal arcade with LifeStyle Screen Doors. Easy to install, remove, and maintain, it is the ultimate breath of fresh air for any gamer.

3. It’s A Cullen Number!

No, not this Cullen.

No, not this Cullen.

25 is the smallest pseudo-prime satisfying the congruence 7n = 7 mod n. Whatever that means, it seems important, and we’re very thankful.

4. William McKinley


Since President’s Day was on Monday, we thought it important to honor our 25th president. Some interesting facts: he was the last face printed on the $500 bill, he was the first president to use the telephone to campaign, and was the first president to have his inauguration televised.

5. AAA DoorTeks’ Marketing Director, Ellen

Ok, so not as monumental as a president or Super Smash Bros, but hey, I’m 25 years old today! Why is this a good thing for you? To celebrate, we’re giving away a $25 gift certificate to The Herrington Inn & Spa in Geneva, IL!


If you didn’t know already, The Herrington is known as the most luxurious boutique hotel in the Chicagoland. With 61 elegantly decorated guest rooms and suites, The Herrington Inn & Spa also boasts an award winning dining room titled Atwater’s, with fine wine and food from around the world. The Spa, is the epitome of relaxation, with massages, facials, and a variety of body treatments, they are able to accommodate any guest.


This gift certificate is redeemable at The Herrington Inn & Spa or Atwater’s fine dining. This gift certificate does not expire, so you’re more than welcome to save it for any special occasion.

In order to be entered into the gift certificate, you must complete the following:

1. Like our the AAA DoorTeks Facebook page

2. Like our original Facebook Post regarding this promotion.

2. Come back to our Facebook page on Wednesday, the 26th when we will congratulate one winner, and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize at info@aaadoorteks. If not, we will choose a new winner.

3. We will invite you to stop by our office in Geneva to pick up your gift basket, including other great goodies from AAA DoorTeks!