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What to do about Broken Garage Door Springs


Garage door repairs are never expected, in fact, they’re dreaded and when we arrive at your house to fix your ailment, we know that your wallet was probably not expecting it either. Like a doctor is never happy to see a sick patient, we know that with our diagnosis and prescription, we will have you feeling better in no-time! You can always trust that AAA DoorTeks will offer honest advice on repairs, which leads us to one of our most common ailment questions to address: broken garage door springs!


So what are garage door springs? There are two varieties, “torsion” and “extension”. Both have the job of offsetting the weight and gravity of the garage, so if needed, you can open and close the garage manually. In order to have this effect, the torsion springs must be wound in the direction of the springs. Unlike AAA DoorTeks torsion springs which mount above the garage door, AAA DoorTeks extension springs use a cable and pulley system running parallel to the garage door and last 25,000 cycles.

What should I do if my garage door spring breaks?
Many of our clients ask, “If one spring is still intact, what is the sense in replacing both?” First of all, preventative maintenance is essential when working with mechanical parts, and even before you’re dealing with one or two broken garage door springs, it is a good idea to schedule a “tune-up” every couple years. When machinery moves, it is bound to break, so if you have one broken garage door spring, chances are, you’ll have another one within 6 months. What is the sense in paying for another service call? Fix both of your springs at the same time to also ensure you garage opens and closes with even weight-disbursement.


How much do springs cost? Each spring is about $100-$200, but at AAA DoorTeks we cannot accurately price your garage door springs over the phone and will need to schedule a visit to your home to weigh your garage. Also, some companies offer used springs; BEWARE! Do not purchase used springs, especially ones that are not powder coated. Powder coating protects the springs against rust, keeping you from having to call us up as frequently for a repair.


If you have any other questions, don’t forget you can give us a call at 1-800-835-8357 or visit us on the web here.

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