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It’s Fat Paczki Tuesday!

If your business, club or family is looking to build team morale, Fat Paczki Tuesday is probably the best day to start. Some say that in order to create cohesion amongst your co-workers, you must have “Employee Of The Month” or “Bring-Your-Kitty-To-Work-Day”. At AAA DoorTeks, all we need are two boxes full of Paczkis from Orginal Country Donuts in Elgin. Oh, and the employee that brought in those delicious Polish puffs-of-happiness? He’s automatically Employee of the Year.

If you’ve been living a Paczki-less-existence, and unsure what Paczski can do for you, we’re here to enlighten.



Historically, Fat Tuesday, or as French call it, “Mardi Gras”, was a chance for Catholics to eat all the sugar & fat in their house before  Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Religious or not, we know a good holiday when we taste one! Today, we indulge, eating all the bacon in sight, maybe even a KFC Double Down (do they still make those?) and then use Lent to practice self control & detox!

…But first, you just HAVE to grab a box of Paczkis!



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