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Trento Series by Silvelox

Like an Italian exchange student that commands attention every time she walks into a High School cafeteria, our new Italian-designed-and-crafted Trento series by Silvelox is promised to turn heads. Presented by Amarr, these are not your typical garage doors, we refer to them as “la porta del garage”, because of their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in making the most of the space you have. Andddd, they look super fancy, they must be European.

SMI Design in RAL 9016 Traffic White

In the USA, our garages don’t just house our automobiles, they harbor our sports equipment, our fishing-poles, and our endless boxes of Christmas decorations. Our European counter parts don’t share the same affinity for “stuff”  like we do, and in the small one-car garage that most EU families have, they strive for organization and compartmentalizing. This is where the Silvelox’s ingenuity comes alive.

AAA DoorTeks' Silvelox Mid Design in Oak Satin Stain

No springs, no tracks and no rails.

This low-maintenance option also is also ideal for those with limitations when it comes to space. Those in the historic neighborhoods of Geneva, Batavia and Saint Charles will agree that they are cramped, especially when their vehicle is inside. With the Trento series, there is no opener affixed to the ceiling, and no track for the garage to roll on to. Take a look and see how easily this model folds up.


Want to see if the Trento is right for you? Check out our other lines of garage doors here or contact us and one of our installation experts will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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