Nergeco Traffic Doors

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Nergeco Traffic Doors

Nergeco Traffic Doors

Nergeco Traffic Doors are our newest vendor, and we are so excited to be the Chicagoland distributor for food and pharmaceutical processing centers. We also carry retail, interior and exterior process doors from Nergeco. See our full line of products here.

From the end of 1999, heavy weld-fabricated stainless steel frames were replaced with fast-acting flexible doors in higher-performance Nergeco high-tech materials.

The contact between frame and curtain is closer, the friction on opening and closing is reduced, surface and depth defects disappear.
Corrosion resistance exceeds that of stainless steel.”

What makes Nergeco Traffic Doors so special? For one, the applications are diverse and multifaceted. If you think that your distribution center or plant requires something that Nergeco can’t offer, we assure you that the variety of materials will solve every issue and save you every penny possible. Nergeco chose AAA DoorTeks because we can integrate these doors into your facility without any down time.

We have our full line of Nergeco products here, we encourage you to give one of our installation experts a call at 1-800-Tek-Teks.

Here are some videos showing the automatic and quick response Nergeco Traffic Doors:

Paul Ruby Foundation & AAA Night Out

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It is time for another give-away, and this time, it is for a cause that resonates with everyone, especially those in the Fox River Valley. Paul Ruby, of the Paul Ruby Foundation, was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease in 2006. Through this divergence in his life’s path, Paul stood up to battle this obstacle for himself and for others in the search for a cure. 1.5 million people in the U.S. live with Parkinson’s disease, and through organizations like Paul’s, they build awareness and use 100% of all proceeds to research for a cure. To date, the foundation has raised over $750,000 for research, and projects supported have gone on to receive funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Paul Ruby Foundation A Night Out

On Saturday, April 26th 2014, the Paul Ruby Foundation will be hosting A Night Out, a extraordinary event filled with music, dining, dancing and live & silent auctions, which leads us to our give-away! We will be giving not one, but two tickets to attend this incredible event in downtown Geneva! To enter, either send a Facebook message to AAA DoorTeks with your name, email & telephone number, or fill out the form below. We will not distribute your information to any solicitors, nor will we use it for any sales, this is simply to ensure that the tickets will received by owner via email before the date of the event.

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Thank you Paul, for all that you do for the community for choosing AAA DoorTeks to be part of this contest!

A Night Out will take place on Saturday, April 26th 2014 from 6pm-11pm at Riverside Receptions at 35 North River Lane in Geneva IL 60134.

The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow

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Shirley Temple knew best, it is time for an extra hour of daylight!



Springing forward & Daylight Saving Time happens every year, but this year, after a Winter that makes Chicagoans question their life choices, it is especially important to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel that is March 20, 2014. Hang in there, Geneva, we got this!

During this time of year, we’re either doing Spring preventative maintenance and tune-ups on garage doors, or replacing garage doors and openers that were, well, not tuned-up in the last Fall. Our advice is to take advantage of the former, with our PM plans to adjust your springs, rollers, sensors, opener, and to make sure your door is landing evenly on the floor of your garage.

Fat Paczki Tuesday!

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It’s Fat Paczki Tuesday!

If your business, club or family is looking to build team morale, Fat Paczki Tuesday is probably the best day to start. Some say that in order to create cohesion amongst your co-workers, you must have “Employee Of The Month” or “Bring-Your-Kitty-To-Work-Day”. At AAA DoorTeks, all we need are two boxes full of Paczkis from Orginal Country Donuts in Elgin. Oh, and the employee that brought in those delicious Polish puffs-of-happiness? He’s automatically Employee of the Year.

If you’ve been living a Paczki-less-existence, and unsure what Paczski can do for you, we’re here to enlighten.



Historically, Fat Tuesday, or as French call it, “Mardi Gras”, was a chance for Catholics to eat all the sugar & fat in their house before  Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Religious or not, we know a good holiday when we taste one! Today, we indulge, eating all the bacon in sight, maybe even a KFC Double Down (do they still make those?) and then use Lent to practice self control & detox!

…But first, you just HAVE to grab a box of Paczkis!



AAA DoorTeks Now Offering Silvelox

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Trento Series by Silvelox

Like an Italian exchange student that commands attention every time she walks into a High School cafeteria, our new Italian-designed-and-crafted Trento series by Silvelox is promised to turn heads. Presented by Amarr, these are not your typical garage doors, we refer to them as “la porta del garage”, because of their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in making the most of the space you have. Andddd, they look super fancy, they must be European.

SMI Design in RAL 9016 Traffic White

In the USA, our garages don’t just house our automobiles, they harbor our sports equipment, our fishing-poles, and our endless boxes of Christmas decorations. Our European counter parts don’t share the same affinity for “stuff”  like we do, and in the small one-car garage that most EU families have, they strive for organization and compartmentalizing. This is where the Silvelox’s ingenuity comes alive.

AAA DoorTeks' Silvelox Mid Design in Oak Satin Stain

No springs, no tracks and no rails.

This low-maintenance option also is also ideal for those with limitations when it comes to space. Those in the historic neighborhoods of Geneva, Batavia and Saint Charles will agree that they are cramped, especially when their vehicle is inside. With the Trento series, there is no opener affixed to the ceiling, and no track for the garage to roll on to. Take a look and see how easily this model folds up.


Want to see if the Trento is right for you? Check out our other lines of garage doors here or contact us and one of our installation experts will reach out to you within 24 hours.