Epoxy Flooring Systems

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AAA DoorTeks offers epoxy flooring systems from Concrete Coatings that bring durability, ease of maintenance and beauty to your facility.  AAA DoorTeks know your vehicles are important to you and the floor beneath them can either add to or distract from your vehicles beauty.

Epoxy finishes come in a wide variety of colors and textures that will provide a long lasting glossy finish as well as enhance the durability of any concrete surface.


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Epoxy Systems:  Shield 50 and UV Shield are 100% solids and 100% cross-linked for reliability and quality. They are non-shrink, two-component, self-leveling and can be applied in either straw (uncolored), as a pigmented base or, topcoat.Epoxy Color Block

Quartz Blends:  Some owners want better traction in their facility. Blending quartz particles into the epoxy resin adds non-slip texture and sparkle. Many colors are available.Quartz Color Block

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