Nergeco Traffic Doors

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Nergeco Traffic Doors

Nergeco Traffic Doors

Nergeco Traffic Doors are our newest vendor, and we are so excited to be the Chicagoland distributor for food and pharmaceutical processing centers. We also carry retail, interior and exterior process doors from Nergeco. See our full line of products here.

From the end of 1999, heavy weld-fabricated stainless steel frames were replaced with fast-acting flexible doors in higher-performance Nergeco high-tech materials.

The contact between frame and curtain is closer, the friction on opening and closing is reduced, surface and depth defects disappear.
Corrosion resistance exceeds that of stainless steel.”

What makes Nergeco Traffic Doors so special? For one, the applications are diverse and multifaceted. If you think that your distribution center or plant requires something that Nergeco can’t offer, we assure you that the variety of materials will solve every issue and save you every penny possible. Nergeco chose AAA DoorTeks because we can integrate these doors into your facility without any down time.

We have our full line of Nergeco products here, we encourage you to give one of our installation experts a call at 1-800-Tek-Teks.

Here are some videos showing the automatic and quick response Nergeco Traffic Doors:

Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair

garage door repair

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Did you see our recent article in Inside Geneva magazine? We were interviewed regarding common garage door issues and ways to do some DIY diagnostics before calling 1-800-Tek-Teks and focus on Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair. Located in Geneva, we are very familiar with the weather and climate for Northern Illinois. Are you interested in Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair? Whether you’re experiencing problems with mice or other rodents getting inside your garage or if it looks or sounds like your garage door opener might fall off the ceiling, we can diagnose your ailments. If you have questions, we’re always here to help you. Although we deal with our fair share of residential issues with garage doors, did you know we come from 30+ years experience from commercial and industrial clients? Our parent company, Conveyor Installations, has been building automation integration systems for giant distribution centers around the Midwest, so we know the industry. We design solutions for truck docks, seals and shelters, and levelers. We also specialize in curtain or partition walls, whether you are searching food grade curtains, wood working curtains, or pharmaceutical-grade solutions, we have excellent representatives from Goff’s Curtain Walls that can complete your project with exceptional value & service.

Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair

You can read the full April 2014 issue here to learn more about Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair.

AAA DoorTeks Now Offering Silvelox

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Trento Series by Silvelox

Like an Italian exchange student that commands attention every time she walks into a High School cafeteria, our new Italian-designed-and-crafted Trento series by Silvelox is promised to turn heads. Presented by Amarr, these are not your typical garage doors, we refer to them as “la porta del garage”, because of their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in making the most of the space you have. Andddd, they look super fancy, they must be European.

SMI Design in RAL 9016 Traffic White

In the USA, our garages don’t just house our automobiles, they harbor our sports equipment, our fishing-poles, and our endless boxes of Christmas decorations. Our European counter parts don’t share the same affinity for “stuff”  like we do, and in the small one-car garage that most EU families have, they strive for organization and compartmentalizing. This is where the Silvelox’s ingenuity comes alive.

AAA DoorTeks' Silvelox Mid Design in Oak Satin Stain

No springs, no tracks and no rails.

This low-maintenance option also is also ideal for those with limitations when it comes to space. Those in the historic neighborhoods of Geneva, Batavia and Saint Charles will agree that they are cramped, especially when their vehicle is inside. With the Trento series, there is no opener affixed to the ceiling, and no track for the garage to roll on to. Take a look and see how easily this model folds up.


Want to see if the Trento is right for you? Check out our other lines of garage doors here or contact us and one of our installation experts will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Garage Organization 101

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Garage space is a valuable asset to any dwelling.  It secures everything from home essentials to the heavy machinery of an industrial building. However, to most effectively take the advantage of space, it is important to  keep it organized. With the holiday season upon us, and the temperature sinking into the single digits, it is understandable that one might not be so inclined to consolidate the garage after work. Fortunately, there are three storage principles that allow you to start small while making a big impact and keeping the upkeep minimal.

1. Storage in Cardboard Boxes– It seems like a no-brainer, but cardboard boxes offer an added convenience that plastic boxes or crates do not. During the times of year when the weather is unpredictable, cardboard is most forgiving. Plastic will flex and crack during extreme changes in temperature so if the contents spill, it is likely to leak. Cardboard boxes are more durable and are often cheap and easy to find.

2. Shelving– Even if your garage is already equipped with shelving , there are many ways in which more space can be saved. For example, siding portions of your garage with slated planks or pegboard can not only provide hanging space, but also allows what is hung to be shifted to fit spatial needs. To utilize space further, shelves may also be suspended from the ceiling.

3. Netting– The garage is a common place to store tools for home maintenance and the like. To keep them from falling to a place where you can trip on them or where they can damage your property, installing netting over tools that are hung from or leaning on the walls can act as insurance. Bungee cord is often used to secure items as well but leave gaps for smaller tools to slip through.