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Want to turn your garage into an airy, pest-free space in an instant?  Then install a Lifestyle Garage Screen® from AAA DoorTeks!

The Lifestyle Screen® is a fully retractable, spring loaded screen system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door.  With a Lifestyle Garage Screen® from AAA DoorTeks going from a stuffy garage to an airy, pest free space is a snap and takes just seconds!   The Lifestyle Screen® is so easy to use!  It’s available with or without a passage door, three different frame color choices and three different screen options for privacy.

Typically your garage is the largest “room” in your house and in this day and age, it’s used for so many more things other than parking your car.  Keep the pests out and add another room to your home … pet area, home gym, hobby room, repair shop or even a man cave … by installing a Lifestyle Screen® from AAA Doorteks.

To learn more about a Lifestyle Screen® visit www.aaadoorteks.com and click on the Lifestyle Screen® icon.  In the meantime, if you’d like to more info or a free proposal, click on “Need Help” icon and send us your request.

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