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GETSOME 1000 Logo   GS 1000 Group 2

  • A supreme lubricant that will not harm pets, plants, and user and is H-1 Food Grade Certified, non halogenic and non carcinogenic.
  • VOC compliant nationwide

2044 GETSOME Xtreme LOGO           GSX 11A on white background

  • Deep penetrating formula designed for long lasting protection in extreme corrosive and we conditions
  • Does not dry out or wash off
  • Non-conductive, non-static, non-toxic and contains no silicon, acids or petroleum solvents
  • Will not affect fiberglass, metal surfaces, enamels, paints, plastics or neoprene or rubber seals
  • Environmentally friendly and safe


batteryade-logo   BA Group 2

Electro-chemical catalyst for lead acid batteries to extend life and enhance battery performance by reducing and reversing battery killing sulfates!

  • cleans lead plates
  • increase run time
  • reduce recharge time
  • faster/stronger starts
  • extend battery life
  • reduce discharge rate