Broken Garage Door Springs

garage door springs

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What to do about Broken Garage Door Springs


Garage door repairs are never expected, in fact, they’re dreaded and when we arrive at your house to fix your ailment, we know that your wallet was probably not expecting it either. Like a doctor is never happy to see a sick patient, we know that with our diagnosis and prescription, we will have you feeling better in no-time! You can always trust that AAA DoorTeks will offer honest advice on repairs, which leads us to one of our most common ailment questions to address: broken garage door springs!


So what are garage door springs? There are two varieties, “torsion” and “extension”. Both have the job of offsetting the weight and gravity of the garage, so if needed, you can open and close the garage manually. In order to have this effect, the torsion springs must be wound in the direction of the springs. Unlike AAA DoorTeks torsion springs which mount above the garage door, AAA DoorTeks extension springs use a cable and pulley system running parallel to the garage door and last 25,000 cycles.

What should I do if my garage door spring breaks?
Many of our clients ask, “If one spring is still intact, what is the sense in replacing both?” First of all, preventative maintenance is essential when working with mechanical parts, and even before you’re dealing with one or two broken garage door springs, it is a good idea to schedule a “tune-up” every couple years. When machinery moves, it is bound to break, so if you have one broken garage door spring, chances are, you’ll have another one within 6 months. What is the sense in paying for another service call? Fix both of your springs at the same time to also ensure you garage opens and closes with even weight-disbursement.


How much do springs cost? Each spring is about $100-$200, but at AAA DoorTeks we cannot accurately price your garage door springs over the phone and will need to schedule a visit to your home to weigh your garage. Also, some companies offer used springs; BEWARE! Do not purchase used springs, especially ones that are not powder coated. Powder coating protects the springs against rust, keeping you from having to call us up as frequently for a repair.


If you have any other questions, don’t forget you can give us a call at 1-800-835-8357 or visit us on the web here.

Keeping Your Home Safe Against Intruders

International Door Association

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Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Safe Against Intruders

As an IDA (International Door Association) member, AAA DoorTeks is able to frequently update our education on garage door safety, construction, installation, and repair. Especially when it comes to providing exceptional service & exceptional value, the IDA gives us a lot of resources that allow us to better service our customers and ways to keep your home safe against intruders. Case in point, we recently received an alarming email alerting us at a news anchor in San Antonio, Texas was encouraging citizens to use a zip-tie and cut off the emergency release rope and handle. Not only is this contrary to the federally-mandated UL 325 safety standard, but it is extremely dangerous! The emergency release is designed to save lives in case a child, adult, or pet is pinned under the garage door. The IDA has composed a top-10 list “Safe & Secure Tips For Garage Door Owners”, and we would like to share it with you! 


Safe & Secure Tips For Garage Door Owners

Prepared by the International Door Association

If you are the owner of a garage door, it is very important that you consider the following tips regarding maintaining a safe and secure door and operator:


1. It is important to properly perform routine maintenance on your garage door
system. To learn more about what to do and what not to do, check out the IDA


2. Garage doors with operators feature an emergency release device that can be readily identified – just look for the red cord with a red handle. This device is
required by law for the purpose of quick disengagement of the operator. It should
never be modified, including the addition of a zip-tie for the purpose of security.


3.Removing the red handle is not recommended and strongly discouraged. The handle is required by UL 325 and federal law. It is there for emergencies such as a child being entrapped under the door.


4. If you wish, frosting your garage door windows (if applicable) will obscure visibility into your garage.


5. By adding a motion-sensing exterior light outside your garage, unwanted guests are less likely to attempt entry into your garage at night.


6. Leaving the remote control to your garage door operator in your automobile can be an invitation to a thief or undesirable person to enter your house; just like leaving the key to your house in plain view.


7. At least annually, contact a professional door dealer to inspect your garage
door system. A periodic inspection and maintenance visit by a pro can save you
headaches and dollars in the future.


8. Check the surroundings of the roller tracks. Move items that may come in contact with a moving door such as a shovel, broom or lawn edger.


9.Have your garage door monitored by a security system just as you would any other door or window in your home, and/or install a garage door monitoring system to help you remember to close your garage door.


10. A very basic and simple tip: remembering to keep your garage door closed can help you protect your home and property. If you must have your garage door open, lock the pass door between the home and the garage.
International Door Association at AAA DoorTeks



Nergeco Traffic Doors

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Nergeco Traffic Doors

Nergeco Traffic Doors

Nergeco Traffic Doors are our newest vendor, and we are so excited to be the Chicagoland distributor for food and pharmaceutical processing centers. We also carry retail, interior and exterior process doors from Nergeco. See our full line of products here.

From the end of 1999, heavy weld-fabricated stainless steel frames were replaced with fast-acting flexible doors in higher-performance Nergeco high-tech materials.

The contact between frame and curtain is closer, the friction on opening and closing is reduced, surface and depth defects disappear.
Corrosion resistance exceeds that of stainless steel.”

What makes Nergeco Traffic Doors so special? For one, the applications are diverse and multifaceted. If you think that your distribution center or plant requires something that Nergeco can’t offer, we assure you that the variety of materials will solve every issue and save you every penny possible. Nergeco chose AAA DoorTeks because we can integrate these doors into your facility without any down time.

We have our full line of Nergeco products here, we encourage you to give one of our installation experts a call at 1-800-Tek-Teks.

Here are some videos showing the automatic and quick response Nergeco Traffic Doors:

Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair

garage door repair

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Did you see our recent article in Inside Geneva magazine? We were interviewed regarding common garage door issues and ways to do some DIY diagnostics before calling 1-800-Tek-Teks and focus on Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair. Located in Geneva, we are very familiar with the weather and climate for Northern Illinois. Are you interested in Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair? Whether you’re experiencing problems with mice or other rodents getting inside your garage or if it looks or sounds like your garage door opener might fall off the ceiling, we can diagnose your ailments. If you have questions, we’re always here to help you. Although we deal with our fair share of residential issues with garage doors, did you know we come from 30+ years experience from commercial and industrial clients? Our parent company, Conveyor Installations, has been building automation integration systems for giant distribution centers around the Midwest, so we know the industry. We design solutions for truck docks, seals and shelters, and levelers. We also specialize in curtain or partition walls, whether you are searching food grade curtains, wood working curtains, or pharmaceutical-grade solutions, we have excellent representatives from Goff’s Curtain Walls that can complete your project with exceptional value & service.

Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair

You can read the full April 2014 issue here to learn more about Inside Geneva IL Garage Door Repair.

Springs For Spring

garage door springs

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Sometimes, Winter can be intimidating, and we didn’t want Spring to get the wrong idea, like we actually wanted a polar vortex for 6 months out of the year.




Before we explain some things about springs, it’s important to state that we were obsessed with anything else that involves a small motor and a belt a long time ago. Our parent company, Conveyor Installations, also located in Geneva, has been in business for more than 30 years. That’s a lot of mechanical experience, so we truly are your installation experts, which now, leads us to the topic of the blog, springs. Most garages have them, but not too many people know what they do, how they wind, and that a faulty spring is the reason for most garage door repairs.

What does a garage door spring do?

Even before the opener and the chain, the spring is responsible for the majority of the leg work of opening and closing your garage door. It is also one of the most dangerous mechanical mechanisms in your house. Even for our technicians, when they are winding new springs, they use special tools and extreme caution to ensure their safety.

If my springs are noisy, does that mean they need to be replaced?

No, not necessarily. Again, anyone should use extreme caution when going anywhere near garage springs, but if you’d like to spray them with a lubrication, DO NOT USE WD-40! It is actually a degreaser, what you need is a lithium-based spray, found at the Geneva Ace Hardware. If the noise continues, then it’s time to call 1-800-Tek-Teks!


Understanding the components of your garage door can save you time and money, especially if you’re dealing with Joe Schmo The Garage Door Man who might try and rip you off. At AAA DoorTeks, we’re not only mechanical fanatics with the ability to fix any garage door, we strive for exceptional customer service paired with exceptional value. Our technicians take their jobs very seriously, and we pride them on being polite, punctual and well-versed in customer service. Just like our website, Facebook page, and blog, if you have questions as to why you shouldn’t grease the track of your garage, or why torsion springs are responsible for garage door malfunctions, we want you to know! We look forward to educating you and answering all your questions. We’re always available at