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Garage space is a valuable asset to any dwelling.  It secures everything from home essentials to the heavy machinery of an industrial building. However, to most effectively take the advantage of space, it is important to  keep it organized. With the holiday season upon us, and the temperature sinking into the single digits, it is understandable that one might not be so inclined to consolidate the garage after work. Fortunately, there are three storage principles that allow you to start small while making a big impact and keeping the upkeep minimal.

1. Storage in Cardboard Boxes– It seems like a no-brainer, but cardboard boxes offer an added convenience that plastic boxes or crates do not. During the times of year when the weather is unpredictable, cardboard is most forgiving. Plastic will flex and crack during extreme changes in temperature so if the contents spill, it is likely to leak. Cardboard boxes are more durable and are often cheap and easy to find.

2. Shelving– Even if your garage is already equipped with shelving , there are many ways in which more space can be saved. For example, siding portions of your garage with slated planks or pegboard can not only provide hanging space, but also allows what is hung to be shifted to fit spatial needs. To utilize space further, shelves may also be suspended from the ceiling.

3. Netting– The garage is a common place to store tools for home maintenance and the like. To keep them from falling to a place where you can trip on them or where they can damage your property, installing netting over tools that are hung from or leaning on the walls can act as insurance. Bungee cord is often used to secure items as well but leave gaps for smaller tools to slip through.

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