The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow

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Shirley Temple knew best, it is time for an extra hour of daylight!



Springing forward & Daylight Saving Time happens every year, but this year, after a Winter that makes Chicagoans question their life choices, it is especially important to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel that is March 20, 2014. Hang in there, Geneva, we got this!

During this time of year, we’re either doing Spring preventative maintenance and tune-ups on garage doors, or replacing garage doors and openers that were, well, not tuned-up in the last Fall. Our advice is to take advantage of the former, with our PM plans to adjust your springs, rollers, sensors, opener, and to make sure your door is landing evenly on the floor of your garage.

BRRRRR!! Ways to Beat The Polar Vortex 2014

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The Illinois Department of Transportation has composed this smart info graphic to better prepare us all for this frigid weather called a Polar Vortex. Currently, in 60134, we’re experiencing -4 degrees and with the wind-chill, it feels like -25 degrees. Tonight, we are scheduled to have a low of -19 degrees and the wind-chill will make it feel as though its -50 degrees.


Did you know we have $25 off any installation or repair right now for friends at family? If you “LIKE” us on Facebook, that means you’re automatically considered to be within our inner circle.  That includes our new garage door screens by Lifestyle Screens. Easy install and maintenance, convert your garage into a workshop, man-cave or party-room this year!

International Door Association 2014

International Door Association at AAA DoorTeks

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There is something rejuvenating about January. A fresh start, new goals, failing to work out 5 days a week like I promised I would on December 31st; it’s great! But personal resolutions aside, January at AAA DoorTeks has been non-stop with expanding our clientele, new partnerships and new products.

What allows a business to thrive and maintain their exceptional service paired with exceptional value? Sure the equation includes expertise, and enthusiasm, but it also includes the support and training we offer in all facets of our company.  AAA DoorTeks would like to attribute some of that success to the International Door Association after becoming accredited in 2013. Founded in 1995, the IDA’s primary mission is to:

“..provide programs and services to door and access systems dealers, for the express purpose of enhancing their value and professionalism. Door and access systems dealers sell, install and service a vast array of products including: residential doors and operators, commercial doors and operators, fire doors, and gates.”

With this accreditation, we have taken full advantage of training programs, webinars, EXPOS and educational seminars, to improve our customer satisfaction and to grow as professionals. If you are considering remodeling your garage door or installing a new dock or fire door for your business, it is essential that you choose a company representing the International Door Association. They offer the proper certification and educational material needed for the job to be done correctly, the first time.

Today, our 2014 IDA plaque arrived in the mail! We’re very excited to extend our membership into 2014 and cannot wait to continue to grow as a company to offer exceptional service paired with exceptional value.



How to Upgrade Your Garage for Safety & Convenience

residential garage doors

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When it comes to household conveniences, garage doors and their accessories can sometimes take the back seat to the more spell-binding electronics such as the latest flat screen or the newest cell phone. However, it may interest you to know that garage doors also have the opportunity to be upgraded. Of course the argument can be made that if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Your garage door is the unspoken hero of this article and there are 4 good reasons as to why replacing your old door with a newer model can not only improve the value of your home, but can be the Will to your saving Grace.

1. Garage Doors need to be insulated. Even with the tightest of seals on your doors and windows, you can lose precious heat in the winter. Adding insulated panels, fixing alignment, re-securing the bottom seal of the door can save you hundreds in heating costs.

2. Installing a new garage door can add value to your home. A stylish new garage door can increase curb appeal as well as the listing price if you are looking to sell your home. If you’re a new home-owner and have children or plan on having children, a preventative maintenance is crucial to ensure safety with your sensors and door opener.

3. New Garage door openers can be installed with a back-up battery. While your flat screen may not work in the event of a power outage, rest assured that you can safely gain access to your home through your garage.

4. There’s an app for that! Has your teen ever been locked out of the house while you were still at work? Did you remember to bring your remote into the rental car? No key, and the battery on your remote is dead? Your problems are solved with the ability to activate your garage door opener via your Smartphone.

Want Advice? Call our 24 Hour Hotline at 1-800-Tek-Teks.

Garage Organization 101

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Garage space is a valuable asset to any dwelling.  It secures everything from home essentials to the heavy machinery of an industrial building. However, to most effectively take the advantage of space, it is important to  keep it organized. With the holiday season upon us, and the temperature sinking into the single digits, it is understandable that one might not be so inclined to consolidate the garage after work. Fortunately, there are three storage principles that allow you to start small while making a big impact and keeping the upkeep minimal.

1. Storage in Cardboard Boxes– It seems like a no-brainer, but cardboard boxes offer an added convenience that plastic boxes or crates do not. During the times of year when the weather is unpredictable, cardboard is most forgiving. Plastic will flex and crack during extreme changes in temperature so if the contents spill, it is likely to leak. Cardboard boxes are more durable and are often cheap and easy to find.

2. Shelving– Even if your garage is already equipped with shelving , there are many ways in which more space can be saved. For example, siding portions of your garage with slated planks or pegboard can not only provide hanging space, but also allows what is hung to be shifted to fit spatial needs. To utilize space further, shelves may also be suspended from the ceiling.

3. Netting– The garage is a common place to store tools for home maintenance and the like. To keep them from falling to a place where you can trip on them or where they can damage your property, installing netting over tools that are hung from or leaning on the walls can act as insurance. Bungee cord is often used to secure items as well but leave gaps for smaller tools to slip through.