I See a Garage Door & I Want it Painted Black

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I see a garage door & I want it painted black!



Well, lucky you, we are now offering Amarr’s Olympus & Designer Choice Collection black. These collections feature 2” triple-layer construction with polyurethane insulation for superior energy efficiency. If you’re interested to see what your house would look like with an Amarr Olympus or Designer Choice Collection in black, send us a picture of your house to info@aaadoorteks.com and we will send you a home-makeover to your email.



Now that we have the song stuck in your head, here is the original version by The Rolling Stones:

AAA DoorTeks Commercial During The Big Game!

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Did you see our commercial during “The Big Game” this past Sunday? We aired right in between the Budweiser & Coca Cola commercials. If you missed it, you can watch it here:

AAA DoorTeks Big Game Commercial 2014

Give Your Garage Door The Silent Treatment

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Your garage door is the largest moving component in your house, so it only make sense that it suits your family’s particular needs. Maybe you were reminded of said-needs when you pulled into the driveway, ready to relieve the babysitter after a night out, and, just as you expected, the noisy garage door awoke the kids.

With AAA DoorTeks’ Silent Treatment, we’ll combine a custom combination of rollers, alignment, tracks and opener after an analysis of your current equipment. Fussy children aren’t the only variable that contribute to the need for a quieter garage. Early morning or late night work hours, duplex or townhouse-neighbors, if you’re in need of a quieter solution, even a new opener made after 2005 can make you feel at peace.

Be passive aggressive, Give Your Door the Silent Treatment.

Cyber Monday Garage Door Deals

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Cyber Monday: A day where children and adults alike fill their virtual shopping baskets to the brim as they peruse the objects they just can’t live without. Although it is tempting to purchase the Sponge Bob Chia Pet when they are only 99 cents each, if you were a thoughtful present-giver, you’d give them something they really needed, like a garage door.

Not so much

 It doesn’t matter to us if you’ve been naughty or nice this year, because Santa gave us permission to give even our naughtiest friends and family something to be happy about.

CyberMonday_blog2From today until December 31, 2013, we’re offering 25% off in the spirit of Cyber Monday. If you need a new opener, sensor, or garage door, ’tis the season to improve your home. To get yourself on Santa’s list for special savings, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and you are automatically registered.

Our elves are installation experts, rescued from a life of monotonous toy-making-duties to explore the world below the North Pole. They have been trained by Amarr, and can help you choose the perfect garage door in the comfort of your own home. With a little bit of magic, we are able to virtually dress your home to display a variety of doors to suit your needs.


We’re A Certified Amarr Onsite Dealer!

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Are you interested in a new residential garage door, but have trouble envisioning what it will look like on your house? Are you overwhelmed by the choices of styles and models that you’ve neglected to repair your broken or outdated garage door? We have your solution! Together, AAA DoorTeks and Amarr have paired to offer you the ability to visualize your garage door, in the comfort of your living room.

Using the Door Designer application, we are able to take a photo of your house, and digitally remodel your home using the vast selection of Amarr products, including a variety of designs, colors, window options and hardware. The options are limitless, giving you full creative reign without the commitment. Give us a call at 1-800-Tek-Teks (835-8357) and one of our installation experts will walk you through the steps of modifying your home to suit your specific needs and taste.