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Most of the residential clients we work with clip their garage door opener on the visor of their car for easy accessibility, but if you don’t lock your car, or worse, your home, you could be especially susceptible to burglary. Take these necessary steps to provide piece of mind for you and your family.

Update your remote

If your remote is older than 1999, replacement parts might be difficult to find and we suggest upgrading to a newer model.  A lot has changed in the world of garage-openers, and many people are surprised with the convenience of the features on the newer models. Vacation switches, a setting that can be applied to your opener to deny entry to your garage when you’re away, has provided exceptional relief for many of our clients, while a blinking light on select devices allows our clients to rest assured that they remembered to close the garage door.

Lock it Up Tight!

In addition to door locks, AAA Door Teks can assist our clients in installing interior sliding-garage locks. This prevents some older doors from being opened manually.

Cover and Bar the Windows

If you have windows on your garage, make sure to cover them up, or bar them if you feel it is necessary. Windows give thieves opportunities to scope out your belongings, including your car! We recommend applying a glossy film to your windows, that still allows light to shine through, but obscures the view or possible intruders. Steel bars are also a great deterrent, and AAA DoorTeks is happy to install them for you.

Motion Detectors

If you want an easy way to make your garage and house more secure, let us install a light fixture with one that has a built-in motion detector. Some of our clients live and work in colder climates, therefore we suggest against fluorescent bulbs in the light fixture as they take too long to light in the winter and gives potential burglars extra time to plan their break-in.

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