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garage-door-screenI screen, You Screen, We all screen for Lifestyle Garage Door Screens!

As the snow comes down in Geneva, Illinois, we can only hope that Spring 2014 comes early so we can install our new screens from Lifestyle…and justify eating ice cream.

If you’re not familiar with LifeStyle Screens already, they provide “the most versatile garage door screens on the planet”, that works with your existing garage door. Do you know what this means?

-That annual party that you always rent a tent for $300? Keep the bugs outside with the Lifestyle Screen system while enjoying the coolness of your garage.

-Do you have a work bench in your garage for projects or other DIY-crafts? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel the summer breeze coming through without the hassle of leaves, bugs or rodents getting inside?

-Are you a Modern Day Cave Man looking for a Modern Day Man Cave? Forget re-doing your basement, use a Lifestyle Garage Door Screen Man Cave Makeover!

-Exercise? I’ve heard of¬†it, but have yet to intimately know the concept (I’m still thinking about ice cream) BUT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, if I could feel the cool-breeze blowing through my hair as I use my stair-stepper in the garage, I would enjoy the occasional workout. MAYBE.

-Smokers Lounge? If you can’t kick the habit, have a kickin’ place to smoke! Enjoy air ventilation + relaxation = Prime Time Smoker’s Station.

Although we are not an advocate for smoking, it is obvious that one thing we are passionate about is versatility! If you want an affordable improvement to your abode, opt for a Lifestyle Garage Door Screen. Also, did we mention this isn’t just for our residential customers? We also now carry a line of warehouse door screens.

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