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Today, January 6, 2014 in sunny, but freezing Geneva, Illinois, our customers are experiencing some tough love from their garages. If you’re experiencing a garage that is slow to open or close, or simply won’t budge, it is time for troubleshooting! This is particularly a hassle in this frigid tundra we’re dealing with in Northern Illinois, so you might want to give us a call at 1-800-TEK-TEKS and we’ll send our medics to help your sick door.

Garage doors and the openers are fickle, complicated and not meant to be operated on without proper training and knowledge of the like. We do not recommend you troubleshoot yourself as it can be dangerous and one should use extreme caution if attempting the following.

With that said, there are many DIY-ers that cannot help but try to explore ways to get their garage working again in temperatures like this. We understand, and have a couple tips for the handy-person you might be:

1. Check the force setting. This should be done every season as the temperature can greatly effect the functionality of your door, especially if the façade is made of wood. You might still have a lower setting on your opener from the warmer weather, so this could be a quick fix that will increase the speed of your door.

2. If you find your garage is attempting to close, but midway through, it opens back up, allowing wintery intruders to raise your heating costs, this could also be a force-setting issue. Check your owner’s manual, as the force screws are different per model of garage door. One screw will be labeled “up” and one will be labeled “down”, and by adjusting and testing this with your remote, you should be able to completely close or open your garage door.

Remember, if these troubleshooting ideas don’t help you fix your door, we have 24 hour emergency service available for you every day! Just give us a call at 1-800-835-8357 or email us at needhelp@aaadoorteks.com

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