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Introducing the Pioneer Roll Right 400


“Pioneer Industrial Doors announces one of their newest products, the Roll Right 400 high speed door. High speed doors are becoming more important and are playing a larger role in the efficiency and productivity of business today. High opening speeds minimize down time in front of the door and thus accelerate the logistic process. In addition, high speed doors help stabilize temperature and pressure differences while at the same time saving energy. The Roll Right 400 uses a true 1hp direct drive motor allowing it to reach speeds up to 52″ per second. The programmable smart controller allows the operation of the door to be customized to fit the customer’s needs. With no wheels or sewn construction, the Roll right 400 can take an impact and, if knocked out of the track, automatically reset itself. Exchangeable mesh and vinyl panels make this door easily adaptable for multi season use.”

Page 51, December 2013

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