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Vertical Doors

RPlus offers Standard or High Lift Doors and Full Lift Doors. R-Plus Standard Lift Doors come in both manual and electrical models. These doors are used on loading docks, aisle ways, obstructed areas, or wherever directional side clearance and ceiling height are limited. Seals between R-Plus vertical lift door sectional panels provide the same insulating characteristics as solid doors. Freezer models use heat cables between all outer edges and between sections to ensure smooth and consistent operation.

Horizontal Doors

R-Plus offers Swing, Single Sliding and Bi-Part Siding Doors designed to meet your specific needs, including replacement doors for existing walk-in coolers and freezers. R-Plus swing doors balance durability, economy, and appearance, perfect for heavy of traffic areas of cold storage walk-ins used in restaurants, grocery stores, processing plants, convenience stores and kitchens.

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