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Goff’s Curtain Walls can be integrated into your distribution center, warehouse, pharmaceutical and food processing plant to offer economical spacing & protective barriers for utilitarian environments. Whether you’re looking to maximize space and privacy or need to contain dust, paint, fumes, there is a variety for you to choose from! 
Goff’s Enterprises is dedicated to manufacturing high quality industrial partitions, safety equipment and high-performance doors designed to increase productivity while creating a safer work environment for a wide range of industrial markets.
They focus & serve our types of clients, namely: Automotive, Industrial, Food Processing, Contractors, OEM, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Government, Welding, Woodworking, Material Handling, as well as the Home Enthusiast.
Choose the auto body curtain system that is preferred by prep-station & spray booth manufacturers worldwide! Goff’s Curtain Walls create work stalls that help control paint, grinding sparks, aluminum and steel dust, water and chemicals.
Curtains are ideal for prep stations, wash down areas, and finishing stalls. Adding Goff’s Curtain Walls helps create a safer, cleaner work environment, improve facility appearance, and reduce heat and cold loss.

Aircraft Partitions

Body Shop Curtains

Food Processing “Clean” Curtains

Hazmat Curtains

Industrial Curtains

Outdoor & Superior Exterior Curtains

Privacy & Safety Screens

Roll-up Curtains

Room Divider Curtains

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