garage door repair

Garage door repair. It tops our “honey-do” list but doesn’t always become a priority until we’re locked inside (or outside) and then it’s an emergency. When it is time to find a solution, AAA DoorTeks is set apart by exceptional service and exceptional value. If you are a residential client, and you’re interested in garage door repair, one of our installation experts would be glad to help you find an affordable solution if you click here. If you’re a commercial client, and looking for garage door repair, or a variety of other solutions that can help you save money and energy while maximizing productivity, please send us a message here. We are always available at 1-800-835-8357.

What makes our garage door repair company so different in, is that we specialize in residential and commercial units. Our technicians work with families all over the Tri-Cities and Northern Illinois, but at the same time, have over 30 years experience working with commercial and industrial clients that require curtain partitions, wash bay curtains, auto body curtains, dock levelers, truck restraints, seals and shelters, and a variety of other accessories that keep your home or business in shape.

We provide design, installation, maintenance and 24 hour emergency dispatch repair service to all of our clients. Our technicians are trained not only in craftsmanship, safety and other industrial matters, but also in customer engagement skills. Our technicians are punctual, polite and genuinely excited to help you find a solution to your ailment. When you choose AAA DoorTeks for your garage door repair, we are not only representing our company, but the community that we choose to share with you, Northern Illinois.

If you’d like to keep up with what we’re doing in and for the community, make sure to read our blog on our homepage. We also update regularly on Facebook and make sure to post deals and DIY tips! ┬áIf you’re looking for garage door repair 60134, garage door repair 60174, or for any other zip code, there is no distance that will keep us from assisting you!