Commercial Dock Accessories

Versa Panel

-Single panel fully integrates the controls for the dock leveler, the truck restraint and the overhead commercial door.

Pioneer Versa Panel-Improves productivity and eliminates dock worker confusion by combining operations in one location.

-Ensures proper sequential operation of dock equipment, thereby enhancing safety.

-Incorporates a lock out / tag out feature ensuring proper safety precautions will be taken for maintenance or repair of individual units.

-Lowers electrical installation costs by utilizing a single electrical source for all of the equipment at one door.


Pioneer Bumpers

-Laminated and molded rubber construction available in a broad array of sizes and shapes to fit your

particular needs.

-Long lasting molded rubber design can be chained to the dock. Laminated also available.




Dock Lights & Fans

Pioneer DockLight-New, lighter polycarbonate lamp head won’t dent and is cool to the touch for easier positioning.

-Double strut or adjustable folding arm design in standard lengths up to 90 inches.

-Optional fan attachment available.



Traffic Lights

Pioneer Traffic Light-Designed to alert drivers and dock personnel to the safety status of trucks.



Dura Jack

Pioneer DuraJack

-Reinforced chassis for extra strength.
-Low profile lightweight design for easy handling.
-Airless hydraulic unit eliminates damage caused by dirt in the system.
-The hydraulic system requires less pump force to elevate loads.
-All bearings are pre-lubricated for a long life.
-The new strengthened handle base and strong box design helps prevent damage.
-Automatic handle return assumes upright position when released.
-A single lever operates all three functions: Lower, Neutral, and Lift.




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